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Dear Author,
Hi there! I’m known in fandom spaces as Latia, (also my username on Ao3, saccharinescorpion or sugaryscorpion are the usernames i usually take on other sites). Thank you so much for writing for me! Below i’ve got a list of my likes and dislikes, as well as more specific ideas and prompts divided into section by series.
General Likes: Post-series fic, weird metaphors, AUs, trust and intimacy and the slow development of such things, “us versus the world” type stuff, magical realism, strange body horror, the trope of “we’re both saying one thing but we know we really mean something else” (see the Cantarella scene from Utena), the conscious understanding and examination of the “roles” people adopt, weird meta stuff, people who are bad at sincerity but still try, complicated dynamics, semi-rivalries, strange and/or frightening gestures as flirting, women banding together to fight an unfair system, exploration and “breaking” of the “rules” of a series/universe, hurt/comfort (emphasis on the later), tenderness, and fluff
AU likes: fairy tale AUs (but especially subverted fairy tale AUs), monster/supernatural AUs, post-series AUs, crossover AUs, canon-divergent AUs, “everything is the same except this one fantastic element” AUs,
DNW: Watersports, A/B/O, slavery, non-consensual/rape, dubious consent, underage sex, incest, torture, mindbreak/hypnosis stuff, abuse between main characters, hopeless endings (general angst is OK)
Art: I am absolutely okay with art, especially art related to AUs or weird artsy metaphors. I’ll try to come up with specific prompts but I will love pretty much anything! If you’re up for it, I also love the crap out of comics. Don’t be afraid to get weird or experimental!
Ships: All
For ships between the younger characters, I’m interested in future fic and fighting, especially as a weird metaphor. I’m also interested in past fic, especially in regards to Natsuo and Sanae’s relationship, Natsuo’s homelife (in this case, I am okay with acknowledging and discussing Natsuo’s abuse and trauma at the hands of her brother, especially how it affects her in the present, but I rather things not get too explicit, please) and Ringi and Yuzuko’s weird upbringings and childhood. I’m also okay with gentler things and fluffier subjects.
For ships between the older women, I’m interested in fighting and past fic as well, particularly Karin and Mitsuko’s match that ended with Karin’s 1 loss. If you’re up for Karin/Manami, I would love you forever if you wrote something about the aftermath of Manami’s loss to Yuzuko. 
Incidentally, the older women ships in Teppu are the only ones of all my requested ships that I’d be up for seeing some more “mature content” of… so I don’t discourage you from that.
For art: Intimate moments, fights, training, crossovers (i’ve found Utena is a great one for this series), weird metaphor stuff

Ballroom E Youkoso
Ships: All
I really like fic that explores the dynamics of ballroom dancing, both on the floor and as a sports community, and how each girl fits into or responds to them, for better or for worse. I really, really like going into the “for worse” part, as well as stuff that explores the more “negative” parts of each girl: Shizuku’s single-minded focus on improving and coldness, Mako’s meekness and thoughts about being a “doll partner,” Chinatsu’s anger and frustration, Akira’s bitterness and attachment issues, etc. 
This is a really good series for complicated relationships, and although Chinatsu/Akira easily takes that particular crown, I also really love the idea of exploring Chinatsu/Shizuku, particularly Shizuku’s thoughts of Chinatsu being a “monstrous” partner. Other good “weird” ships are Mako/Chinatsu (see that whole scene about Chinatsu being bitter about “sly women” and Mako being a “doll partner”) and Shizuku/Akira (passive-aggressive off, anyone??).
If you’re up for something happier, I like the idea of girls banding together in small ways to help each other improve and succeed in an unfair system. And of course, good old fashioned fluff and nervous first dates are great too.
This is another one where I love the idea of future fic, as well as AUs (another series where Utena crossovers work fantastically), and weird surreal/fantasy stuff.
Art: dancing, dresses, fighting, fluff, intimacy, AUs, crossovers. Don’t be afraid to go all out on the weird body horror and strange metaphor front-- after all, the series does such a good job of that itself!

Gatchaman Crowds
Hajime/Utsutsu: Okay, I can’t state enough how much I love Hajime/Utsutsu, in particular Utsutsu learning how to love herself and love being alive by loving Hajime. Obviously, physical intimacy is a huge thing I love to see in fic of them, specifically Utsutsu learning how to be okay with being close to another person and Hajime recklessly grabbing her death hand. On the flip side, I’d love fic that explores Hajime having not-so-great days while being a host to Berg-Katze, in particular, Utsutsu being there to comfort and help her when it’s finally too much.
Hajime/Tsubasa: Post-season 2 fic! I really would like to see focus on Tsubasa’s mindset after the events of INSIGHT and how she wants to improve and how Hajime helps her with that. I’d also like to see stuff that explores Tsubasa’s mindset during the finale of INSIGHT, or, if you’d like to go the OT3 route...
Hajime/Tsubasa/Utsutsu: ...something that focuses on Utsutsu and Tsubasa’s interactions while Hajime is comatose. Tsubasa worrying about Utsutsu straining herself too much to keep Hajime alive, Utsutsu quietly listening to Tsubasa vent about all her guilt and self-loathing, the two of them bonding over their love of Hajime and imagining what the three of them will do together when Hajime wakes up.
Once again, AUs and crossovers are alright too!
Art: This is definitely a series where I’d love to see cute and fluffy stuff. Cute clothes, dresses, kisses, hanging out, all that good stuff. I love the Gatchaman suits too and love seeing art of them, but considering how ridiculously detailed they are, I definitely understand if you wouldn’t want to try your hand at them! On a more somber note, I’d also being okay of art of Tsubasa (and Utsutsu) waiting for Hajime to wake up.
Cucumber Quest
Almond/Peridot: THE Ship, I like the idea of future fic, missing scene and/or “in-between” fic (specifically the two of them “fighting” and being oblivious to how much they both enjoy it). This is a GREAT ship for first kiss and first date stuff. All those good cute warm first love tropes.
Piano/Ametrine: Past fic (specifically stuff centered around their first meeting and/or childhood) is good as well as fic that explores their long distance relationship, especially if it’s framed around their letters (they’ve obviously been corresponding a long time!). It’d also be cool to see something focused on how different they are and their different approaches to filling the role of the “princess.”
Parfait/Lettuce: Okay, I admit it, I was the one who requested this one and am fully aware that it’s a very weird ship. I just really like the idea of “love rivals” (even if it’s completely one-sided) growing and becoming friends. I really would like to see something comparing Parfait’s “damsel” act with Lettuce’s “ditz” act and how they see through one another (on Lettuce’s part, this is implied to be canon!) and just stuff with Lettuce getting over her fixation on Tomato and all that good feel-good stuff.
(As for the Carrot thing, if you choose to go the full romantic route, I’m okay with casually mentioning his and Parfait’s relationship alongside Parfait and Lettuce’s relationship, or even just ignoring his existence altogether. Just no bashing, please, he is a good boy, after all.)

(But if you choose to, I’m okay with you bashing Tomato.)

(What a jerk.)
Art: Since this is a cute and fluffy series, any sort of cute and fluffy things are okay by me. Weddings are absolutely a subject I’d adore (can you say royal weddings??) as well as just general hanging out fluff. For Peridot and Almond, I love the idea of (playful) fights as well.
[Note: I’m fully aware that the princesses and Lettuce are of adult age, but I’d still like to ask that you not go the smut route with them- sorry! I just feel weird for seeing any sort of content like that for this series.]

We Know The Devil

Ships: All
Considering the source material, I don’t think I have to mention how integral the OT3 is to this game. At the same time, I’m okay with you focusing on a specific pair out of the three, as long as the third isn’t excluded entirely from the relationship/ fic (again, I don’t think i have to tell you why I wouldn’t want that for this series, lol).
As for specific content, this is a series I’d DEFINITELY like to see future fic for (if you can, please try to find Mia Schwartz’s pics of “timeskip Venus” for reference), ESPECIALLY if you can go into the girls helping other “bad kids.” I’m also okay with general fluff, as well as stuff exploring the darker aspects of the series (another series where I’m okay with going into trauma and abuse, but again, I rather see it as how it affects the girls in present day) and how the girls help each other in the face of that.
Art: I’ll say it again: POST-SERIES art. Devil forms are A-okay as well, especially if the girls are taking them while doing totally mundane things. Due to the nature of the series, this is another one where I encourage you to go deep into the weird imagery and symbolism.

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Due to the nature of the series, I’d be okay with you discussing past abuse/trauma, but once again, I’d like the focus to be on how the characters are coping with it in the present and less on the gory details.
Himemiya Anthy/Tenjou Utena: The Big One, I think my biggest want for Utena/Anthy would be future fic- finding each other after “graduating” Ohtori and Tea Dates 10 Years Later are fantastic,  but I think the thing I’d like to see the most is them living their everyday lives in the “real world” and how they cope and help each other heal from their past traumas. As for lighter stuff, I really really REALLY love things where Anthy teases Utena- and if you can somehow fit Anthy using her powers for that, or any sort of silly mundane thing, I’d appreciate it forever. And of course, chill fluff is always welcome.
Himemiya Anthy/Shinohara Wakaba: This is such an interesting relationship in what it represents and how it could play out. I mostly like it in conjunction to an OT3 (see below) and in regards to Anthy trying to puzzle out why and how this ordinary girl came to be such a key element in her machinations. I also just like Anthy trying to screw with Wakaba and Wakaba Not Having It and forcing Anthy to be direct about what she wants to say.
Shinohara Wakaba/Tenjou Utena: Future fic!! Anthy and Utena finding each other in the future is great, but I’d love to see these two reuniting as well. On a darker note, I’d also like to read something exploring how their relationship changes after the Black Rose Duels, especially with a focus on Wakaba not understanding why Utena is beginning to keep her distance.
Himemiya Anthy/Tenjou Utena/Shinohara Wakaba: And of course, if you can somehow combine parts of/all of the previous into an Ot3, or write something examining how Anthy and Wakaba view Utena and how they bond over that, or just do something with them being happy in the future away from Ohtori, I’d be happy with that as well!
Kiryuu Nanami/Kaoru Kozue: I’ll end this with another rarepair: these two have such similar issues (“bad girls” with fixations on their brothers) and have themes that intersect in an interesting way (Kaoru “Wild Animals” Kozue and her soft-spot for animals, Nanami and her very bad experiences with animals). I’d really like to see anything of them butting heads- or perhaps, graduating together or finding each other in the years after Ohtori.
Art: Utena is, once again, a great series for surreal imagery and artsy metaphors. Eat your heart out! Or if that’s not your things, fluffy stuff and dates 10 years are subjects I’ll never get enough of for this series. 

Thank you again so much! I hope you have fun!
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since the remix round is happening i figure i comply all my fills! i give blanket permissions for whoever wants to give remixing em a go!

(my fills for BR1 can be found here)

Bonus Round 2

Kanzaki Miki / Miyahara, "I won't admit I'm in love" - art

Bonus Round 3

Kanzaki Miki / Tachibana Aya - art

Kanzaki Miki / Miyahara - art

Hanaoka Shizuku / Hiyama Shizuku - art

Bonus Round 5

Hanaoka Shizuku / Hiyama Chinatsu, Utena AU, fic (AO3 link)
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  1. YWPD. Tadokoro and Ashikiba, Tadokoro is a criminal bear (NOT ACTUALLY A YKA AU sorry chess)  (gurosan)
  2. YWPD, Tadokoro/Makishima, Tadokoro collapses on Day 2 of the InHigh (lordonisyr)
  3. YWPD, Tadokoro/Makishima, Tadokoro collapses on Day 2 of the InHigh (fickle)
  4. BeY, Chinatsu/Akira, RGU AU (chess)
  5. BeY. Chinatsu/Akira, RGU AU (aozo)
  6. YWPD, Tadokoro and Manami, Tadokoro becomes Manami's senpai (wes)
  7. YWPD, Tadokoro and Toudou, Keijo Au, yes really (garciraki)
  8. YWPD, Tadokoro and Toudou, Keijo Au, yes really (raz)
  9. Teppu, Kei/Natsuo, Kei starts practicing MMA (babster)
  10. YWPD, Miki/Miyahara, Manami is "captain," Miyahara is pulling the strings, Miki is curious (tsunderekita)
  11. Teppu, Ringi and Natsuo (and Yuzuko), RGU AU where Yuzuko is the Rose Bride (chess)
  12. BeY, Shizuku / Chinatsu / Mako, We Know The Devil AU (wes)
  13. BeY, Shizuku / Chinatsu / Mako, We Know The Devil AU (chess)
  14. YWPD, Ashikiba/Doubashi, Doubashi is a werewolf (yusukesjeans)
  15. YWPD, Koga (knife emoji) Teshima, Koga is sick of the fucking pizza jokes (sarah)
Thank you, everyone!!!

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FILL 1:  Yowamushi Pedal, Teshima/Aoyagi, Teshima has a bad case of the artsy flower-based body horror!!! and also depression - 3916 words [Ao3 link]

FILL 2: Teppu, Ringi and Yuzuko (and Natsuo), Yuzuko is a friendly monster and Ringi just can't hate her as much as she should! (but that's still a lot of hate) - 3073 words [Ao3 link]

FILL 3: Ballroom E Youkoso, one sided Shizuku -> Chiduru, Shizuku/Chinatsu, Shizuku has met another "monster," is she A) scared, B) envious, or C) infuriatingly infatuated? the answer may shock you! - 3926 words [Ao3 link]


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